Mother’s Day Brunch with JiRaffe

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Served with Lisa’s homemade baked goods and
Glass of Shramsberg Rose for all Mom’s


Choice of:

Farmers Market Chopped Salad
Baby romaine hearts, Persian cucumbers, tomatoes,
hearts of palm, Spring onions, poached wild shrimp,
crispy prosciutto, garlic croutons, red wine vinaigrette

Dungeness Crab Cake
Fairview Farms Rainbow kale, mango emulsion,
triple blanched garlic pistachio cream

Greek Yogurt
Fresh farmers market seasonal fruit,
homemade granola, pure maple syrup

Baked Cana de Cabra & Organic Polenta 
baked tomato concasse, goat cheese, purple kale, black olive

Steamed Black Mussel
Spanish chorizo, shaved fennel,
grilled bread, white wine chorizo broth

Spinach and Nectarine Salad
Baby frisee and organic spinach, farmers market apricots,
goat cheese,honey black pepper vinaigrette, fruit and nut bread crouton


Choice of:

Bulls Eye poached eggs
Apple smoked bacon, grilled eggplant,
Buffalo mozzarella, fire roasted tomato chutney

Burrata cheese, oven dried tomato & Asparagus omelet
Poached asparagus, tomatoes,
roasted fingerling potatoes, basil, E.V.O.O

Eggs Benedict
Poached organic eggs, French ham, roasted fingerling potatoes,
sliced Wong Family Farms beef steak tomatoes, hollandaise sauce
*Choice of*
Dungeness Crab, Florentine, house smoked Salmon

Huevos Ranchero
Organic eggs, Black beans, cilantro rice,
jalapeno stuffed chili relleno, Spanish tomato sauce, tomatillo sauce

Grilled Mexican Tiger Shrimp
Sweet farmers market corn confit,
roasted ancho chili sauce, cilantro lime butter

Herb Crusted grilled Prime Rib and Eggs
Organic eggs, roasted fingerling potatoes,
sliced Wong Family Farms beef steak tomatoes


Choice of:

Crème Caramel

Ice Cream Sandwich

Meyer lemon Mousse

Chocolate raspberry fudge cake

$65 Per Person
(not inclusive of tax or gratuity)

Special kids plate

2 eggs, bacon, pancake, Greek yogurt with fruit,
homemade granola and an Ice Cream sandwich

12 and under-$18