Santa Monica

18 Years “JiRaffe” has grown and now it is time to let him go. Having been raised in Santa Monica, my vision for JiRaffe was a restaurant that could express my love of this community through exciting cuisine, quality service, and an overall commitment to excellence. The lessons learned and the friends gained have given me the strength and knowledge to make JiRaffe what it is today.
I want to express my overwhelming gratitude to you, my loyal customers, who have made my time at JiRaffe a truly joyful experience. I would also like to convey my appreciation for our loyal and committed staff. In many ways, the success of any business is rooted in your team – I will always be grateful for their outstanding performance.
Let’s raise a glass to all the special dinners and our rocking lunches that were truly a city favorite in the early days. First dates that have turned into proposals, proposals that have blossomed into families- these are the reasons that keep me inspired to stay involved and connected with local families and communities. This is the reason we built this restaurant, and I am thrilled the connection has stayed strong through all these years. I couldn’t be more proud of JiRaffe. I have made friendships that will last a lifetime. JiRaffe exists because of you, and for that, I am deeply grateful.
Saturday, February 14, Valentine’s Day will be JiRaffe’s final evening. From now until then it will be my great pleasure to make each night a celebration of JiRaffe’s legacy. I will be preparing all the classic tastes you’ve come to love. We encourage everyone to stop by, say hello, and enjoy a little more JiRaffe.
But do not despair! While JiRaffe is set free, my involvement with the space will continue on. Very soon, a new vision of light-hearted cuisine will come to take JiRaffe’s place – savory food with the same integrity and commitment to excellence, intended to keep me excited and light on my feet for years to come.

Warm regards,

Raphael  Lunetta