Thanksgiving At JiRaffe

Hello Friends,

Now that November has arrived, I wanted to take a minute to highlight JiRaffe’s upcoming Thanksgiving dinner. Year after year, our guests have come to embrace our traditional menu, as it highlights some of the best delicacies the restaurant has to offer. We carefully organize each course months in advance, as I am passionate about giving you the best experience possible.


For example, we prepare our signature turkey stock a week ahead of time to make sure your gravy isn’t just a gravy, it’s a reduction. I bring all of the turkeys in myself, carefully brining and drying them to create the perfect moisture balance. And every bird we use is ALL NATURAL, with no hormones and no antibiotics.


All of our Thanksgiving sides are traditional, classic and 100% fresh from the Farmer’s Market. We use the highest level of integrity in how we prepare each dish, carefully blending the Three Cheese Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes, adding crisp bacon to our steamed Brussels Sprouts, and pinching the perfect amount brown sugar for our Candied Yams.

As for our desserts, we’re now offering crisp Pumpkin Pie with Honey-Mascarpone Cream, French Apple Pie with fresh churned Rum-Raisin and the delectable Gianduja Chocolate Mousse with Oreo crust and raspberry compote.


In 2012, we broke our Thanksgiving record and I want this year to be even more memorable. My veteran staff and I welcome you to join us for this  magnificent occasion. And just so you know, my family will be there too, having dinner side by side.

Once you have been served, our staff will join in the festivities, opening up a nice bottle of wine and enjoying Thanksgiving as a family. We want to make this November 28 as memorable as possible. Whether you bring the extended relatives, whether it’s just you and your spouse, or whether you’re far from home and want to come in alone. This is YOUR place and our mission is to make you feel good.

All our welcome at our Thanksgiving feast, but just remember to reserve your space. The restaurant can only hold a limited amount of guests and we’d hate for you to miss out. Call us at (310) 917-6671 to RSVP and make sure to check out the full menu on our website.